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Elemental Shaman- Luoyeng 
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1. Have newest version of Ventrilo and a working microphone? (Disruptive behavior in vent will not be tolerated):
Yes, I am vent friendly. I also have an Astro A40 Headset for communication purposes.

2. Have installed (and up to date) versions of Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs?:
I use Bigwigs and I am up to date.

3. Have a computer and internet connection sufficiently reliable to raid for several hours at a time?:
Yes I have a personally made computer and I have 80/80 internet from Verizon Fios

4. Will be able to maintain a raid attendance of at least 80%?:
Yes I will be available for every day.

5. Will have no difficulties being on time and inside the instance at raid times?:
Yes, I will always show up with flasks, pots, food, health pots, good attitude, etc on time.

6. Can sufficiently supply your own materials and consumables required to raid for current content? This includes potions (mana, health, int/str/agi), flasks for every raid and materials for craftables that are obtainable outside raid content.:
Yes, I will be fully equipped to the best of my ability coming into the raid.

7. Are able to run at higher graphics setting in order to see and and avoid void zones, spell graphics and projected textures?:
My settings are currently set at Ultra with 80 fps.
Intel(R) Core(TM) 15-4670 CPU @3.40GHz
16GB Ram
GeForce GTX 650T

8. Will be up to date and active on the forums in order to relay information which includes: class discussions, attendance and raid theorycraft?:
Yes, I spend the majority of my life on the computer so I will always have access to it and will have it up.

B. Subjective topics: These answers guide our evaluation of you, but there is no one objectively correct answer.

1. Armory Link: ... eng/simple

2. Which talents do you use primarily and why?: My rotation is situational to what talents i am currently rolling, As a Shaman you change often your talents in pretty much every fight. So my rotation for Kargath and Butcher (this is for a low add encounter as i was not in the Audience Group) Use Talent 6 Unleashed Fury and Tier 7 Elemental Fushion, The reason why I choose this particular talents is because I find the 30% damage increase to Lightning Bolt and 10% to Lava barst to be a higher sustained output in damage. At the start of the fight I have keybinded Prepot, Lust, and fire elemental so I pop this 3 right at the start followed by unleashed flame and flameshock causing my Lava burst to hit 10% harder for the next 10sec. Then Ascendance and spam as many Lava burst as possible. As Ascendance fades I already have 20 stacks on my lightning shield, so unleash flame and earth shock. Proside with basic rotation. Lightning Bolt filling, Lava Burst on CD, Unleash Flame on CD. Now i as a Shaman have other Talent trees i use as frequent as this one and will be more than gladly to explain how those work instead of typing them or we will be here 'till I start growing a beard.

3. Willing to respec?: I already have an Enhancement OffSpec.

4. How well can you play the other specs for your class?: I can play it fairly well Although I have not had the experience that I have on my ele put unto this spec.

5. Professions: {Please include skill level} Jewelcrafting and Enchanting 700.

6. Previous Guild(s) and/or Server(s): Reckless

7. What are your reasons for leaving your last/current guild?: I feel progression is being held by specific players and they are not looking to replace said players. Also often layoff the better players that outperform the rest for no specific reason.

8. Raid experience (be concise): I was casual during most of MoP and went serious during SoO acquiring real first kills for 25man in Heroic difficulty. Completed 11/13 ToT heroic (guild collapsed), 4/4 ToES, 6/6 MSV.

9. Extended description (if you wish):

10. Your /Played, total and level: 58 days, 19hours, 47minutes. 19days at 100

11. Alts: Tahleen

12. Do you have anyone in MoaG that knows you and can vouch for you? I know Stoop strictly as a guild fellow.

13. Connection speed test screenshot (we suggest using and please ping a NYC server):

14. A screenshot of your UI inside a raid environment. Please make sure keybinds are visible at this time. (required):

15. A link to any logs or parses that are available. Don't have any? Run an LFR and post your own on Warcraftlogs. (required): ... e&fight=30
C. About you: These questions are for you to let us know more about you, your expectations and what we can expect from you.
My expectations are that everyone should be putting in as much effort as I am putting in. If someone is not trying hard and is causing the other 19 members to waste time then I have very little patience with them because time is very valuable to me. A raiding guild should expect a team player from me. I will show up early for raids, be fully prepared, and will generally focus more on helping the raid than making myself look great with high dps. High dps is great and all, but if I could've helped heal or pop a cd on someone else to make them live, then I think the raid benefits more.

1. How did you hear about us, and what made you want to apply to Memoirs?
I browsed the top 6 guilds in the server and this one matches better my schedule and what i look in a guild.

2. By being a member of Memoirs, what do you feel you would contribute to the guild in terms of guild environment? ie: communication, progression, availability and raid assistance.
I show up in time, I know my class and can provide reliability to you current roster. I follow the rules and I am always looking for ways to improve my skills for the better of myself and my team. Because I am a drama free person and can take criticism and because I am not looking for a place to hang out for a while, I am looking for a home i can set roots in for a very long time.

3. By being a member of an active guild with our progression, do you feel you will be able to keep up with current content and game mechanics?

4. What are your general goals in WoW and how do they align with Memoirs?
To have fun and challenge my skills what better way of doing so than being the very best?. Memoirs (as far as i understand) Is a place where most the members feel the same way that I do and work together to be the best as a group. So yes it aligns with what I believe Memoirs is.

5. Tell us about yourself (you, not your character): I like to challenge myself and I like to compete in WoW and outside. I like to be the best at the things I love to do. I am friendly and very sarcastic. With knowledge of many things. I love to learn about everything no matter how pointless it seems.

D: Availability

Our raid times are the following
Tuesday 7:30-12:00AM EST
Wednesday 7:30-12:00AM EST
Thursday 7:30 - 12:00 AM EST
Optional Monday for early progression 7:30 - 12:00 AM EST

1. Is there any reason as to why our raid times would be frequently problematic?

2. Please post your Real ID or Battle Tag info so we can contact you easily. If you have a problem with it being public knowledge, at least PM it to our officers (Restosin, Marvink, Tova). Ayleen#1567

Sat Jan 10, 2015 1:14 am
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