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Hazeck - Disc Priest 
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A. Objective topics: These are non-negotiable and are required of all raiding members. If you can not genuinely answer yes to these, you will not be given consideration to become a trial applicant.

1. Have newest version of Ventrilo and a working microphone? (Disruptive behavior in vent will not be tolerated):
I have the most recent version of Vent but don't currently have a microphone. I can get one if necessary.

2. Have installed (and up to date) versions of Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs?:
Yes, I use DBM and update it frequently so that the annoying pop-up goes away.

3. Have a computer and internet connection sufficiently reliable to raid for several hours at a time?:
Yes. I'm in New England so my ping should also be good with this data center. (Not currently on Skullcrusher).

4. Will be able to maintain a raid attendance of at least 80%?:
Yes, I only had to miss a single raid in my last guild since WoD came out.

5. Will have no difficulties being on time and inside the instance at raid times?:
No. I'm on EST and the raid start time is late enough that I will never have an issue with this.

6. Can sufficiently supply your own materials and consumables required to raid for current content? This includes potions (mana, health, int/str/agi), flasks for every raid and materials for craftables that are obtainable outside raid content.:

7. Are able to run at higher graphics setting in order to see and and avoid void zones, spell graphics and projected textures?:

8. Will be up to date and active on the forums in order to relay information which includes: class discussions, attendance and raid theorycraft?:

B. Subjective topics: These answers guide our evaluation of you, but there is no one objectively correct answer.

1. Armory Link:

2. Which talents do you use primarily and why?:!2121100

This is my general set-up for Discipline. I switch between Clarity of Will and Words of Mending frequently depending on the fight. For example, Brackenspore is a Clarity of Will fight to help with Necrotic Breath. On the other hand, Imperator is a Words of Mending fight due to the fact that PoM charges almost always get used up fully.

The only other talents that change would be Solace to Mindbender if the fight requires so much throughput that there's no room to give up GCDs for a Solace every 10s. Progression Butcher was like this, though I went back to Solace after it was on farm.

Sometimes I run Body & Soul or Phantasm over Feather. Ko'Ragh is a good example of a fight I'd run Phantasm so that I can get out of the freezing orb slow in a bind.

3. Willing to respec?:
I'm willing to go Holy if needed, but Disc is currently outperforming it substantially. If there are choices among my Disc talents that seem suboptimal, then I'm always open to criticism.

4. How well can you play the other specs for your class?:
I can play Holy well but I am not as up to date on Shadow as I should be. If you guys need a flex healer then I can look into it.

5. Professions: {Please include skill level}
Coming back to WoD after last playing in TBC. I don't currently see the incentive in professions so I have not leveled any of them. Perhaps alchemy later for the flask duration...

6. Previous Guild(s) and/or Server(s):
Stay Frosty on Duskwood/Bloodhoof-Connected.

7. What are your reasons for leaving your last/current guild?:
It was a more casual guild than I am looking for. My goal has been and will always be to kill bosses on the hardest difficulty the game has to offer.

8. Raid experience (be concise):
I raided everything in Vanilla except Naxx and everything in TBC. Quit when WotLK came out. Played hardcore on a private vanilla server for awhile if you can believe it. I've always been a healing class and nearly always a priest. Brief stint as a holy paladin in TBC.

9. Extended description (if you wish):

10. Your /Played, total and level:
Total: 10d22h
@100: 8d18h

11. Alts:
I have a 100 DK and 100 Mage both on Bloodhoof.

12. Do you have anyone in MoaG that knows you and can vouch for you?

13. Connection speed test screenshot (we suggest using and please ping a NYC server):

14. A screenshot of your UI inside a raid environment. Please make sure keybinds are visible at this time. (required):

15. A link to any logs or parses that are available. Don't have any? Run an LFR and post your own on Warcraftlogs. (required):
C. About you: These questions are for you to let us know more about you, your expectations and what we can expect from you.

1. How did you hear about us, and what made you want to apply to Memoirs?
I found you on I was looking guilds on East coast servers which were where I believe I should be progression-wise and you were one that came up.

2. By being a member of Memoirs, what do you feel you would contribute to the guild in terms of guild environment? ie: communication, progression, availability and raid assistance.
I understand the importance of quiet comms during a fight. I think that's a big thing.

As a disc priest, I'm also looking to research the fights well enough ahead of time so that I can whitelist the raid debuffs I want to see on my frames and pre-shield what needs to be pre-shielded. Trying to understand the ebb and flow of the fight before I see it first person is a big part of what I try to offer to any raid I'm in as a preemptive healing class.

3. By being a member of an active guild with our progression, do you feel you will be able to keep up with current content and game mechanics?
Yes, that won't be an issue for me.

4. What are your general goals in WoW and how do they align with Memoirs?
I want to see all raid content as fast as possible. The competition of seeing content first is what makes the game fun for me.

5. Tell us about yourself (you, not your character):
I'm Dan. I'm 25. I teach math for a living and I've always loved to play video games.

D: Availability

Our raid times are the following
Tuesday 7:30-12:00AM EST
Wednesday 7:30-12:00AM EST
Thursday 7:30 - 12:00 AM EST
Optional Monday for early progression 7:30 - 12:00 AM EST

1. Is there any reason as to why our raid times would be frequently problematic?

Those times are perfect.

2. Please post your Real ID or Battle Tag info so we can contact you easily. If you have a problem with it being public knowledge, at least PM it to our officers (Restosin, Marvink, Tova).

Mon Feb 09, 2015 1:53 pm
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