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Deathsnaps-Death Knight DPS 
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1. Have newest version of Ventrilo and a working microphone? (Disruptive behavior in vent will not be tolerated):
2. Have installed (and up to date) versions of Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs?:
Yes. (DBM)
3. Have a computer and internet connection sufficiently reliable to raid for several hours at a time?:
4. Will be able to maintain a raid attendance of at least 80%?:
5. Will have no difficulties being on time and inside the instance at raid times?:
No difficulties.
6. Can sufficiently supply your own materials and consumables required to raid for current content? This includes potions (mana, health, int/str/agi), flasks for every raid and materials for craftables that are obtainable outside raid content.:
7. Are able to run at higher graphics setting in order to see and and avoid void zones, spell graphics and projected textures?:
8. Will be up to date and active on the forums in order to relay information which includes: class discussions, attendance and raid theorycraft?:
B. Subjective topics: These answers guide our evaluation of you, but there is no one objectively correct answer.

1. Armory Link:
2. Talent Tree Spec:Unholy at the moment.
3. Willing to respec?:Yes.
4. How well can you play the other specs for your class?:I play every spec at about the same skill level.
5. Professions: {Please include skill level}(600) Jewelcrafting (600) Blacksmithing
6. Previous Guild(s) and/or Server(s):
Pink Concept-Black Dragonflight
Caution Tape-Black Dragonflight
Departed-Black Dragonflight
Bad Habits-Black Dragonflight
7. What are your reasons for leaving your last/current guild?:
Departed broke up near the end of HoF, so a couple of us joined memoirs but there wasn't a melee spot for me so I came to Bad Habits cause I noticed a couple of the memoirs guys were raiding with them along with a few people from Departed.
8. Raid experience (be concise):
Started in Naxx as my DK:
Naxx:Full clear when current
Uld:Full HM clear when current -0 lights
ICC:11/12 HM
BoT:3/5 HM
BWD:5/6 HM
FL:Quit playing at the time.
DS:6/8 HM
MSV:6/6 HM
HoF:5/6 HM
ToES:1/4 HM
ToT:Quit playing at the time.
SoO:12/14 HM
9. Extended description (if you wish):
10. Your /Played, total and level:Total-405 days 15 hours 8 mins~At 90-110 days 7 hours 50 mins
11. Alts:

12. Do you have anyone in MoaG that knows you and can vouch for you?
13. Connection speed test screenshot (we suggest using and please ping a NYC server):
14. A screenshot of your UI inside a raid environment. Please make sure keybinds are visible at this time. (required):
15. A link to any logs or parses that are available. Don't have any? Run an LFR and post your own on WoL. (required):
Ranks and logs should be on there.

C. About you: These questions are for you to let us know more about you, your expectations and what we can expect from you.

1. How did you hear about us, and what made you want to apply to Memoirs?
Joined memoirs a while back with a couple of the guys from Departed once they broke us, you guys didn't need me at the time so I took a break raiding during ToT.
Then I joined Bad Habits, but am looking for a better raid experience through WoD and would like that to happen in memoris. :)

2. By being a member of Memoirs, what do you feel you would contribute to the guild in terms of guild environment? ie: communication, progression, availability and raid assistance.
I try to bring a positive attitude to raid each night, and try to be updated on boss strats as soon as they are current, I pretty much have 100% attendance so that shouldn't be an issue either

3. By being a member of an active guild with our progression, do you feel you will be able to keep up with current content and game mechanics?
Yes. I try to keep updated.

4. What are your general goals in WoW and how do they align with Memoirs?
My goal is to be one of the best raiders I can be and to down content as fast as possible, and I think memoirs is the perfect place for that to happen

5. Tell us about yourself (you, not your character):I am a 24 year old no life gamer at the moment, unemployed living the dream.

Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:22 am
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