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A. Objective topics: These are non-negotiable and are required of all raiding members. If you can not genuinely answer yes to these, you will not be given consideration to become a trial applicant.

1. Have newest version of Ventrilo and a working microphone? (Disruptive behavior in vent will not be tolerated):

2. Have installed (and up to date) versions of Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs?:
Have latest DBM currently.

3. Have a computer and internet connection sufficiently reliable to raid for several hours at a time?:
Yes, no issues with my connection so far.

4. Will be able to maintain a raid attendance of at least 80%?:
Yes, can make all days currently.

5. Will have no difficulties being on time and inside the instance at raid times?:
No problems in the foreseeable future.

6. Can sufficiently supply your own materials and consumables required to raid for current content? This includes potions (mana, health, int/str/agi), flasks for every raid and materials for craftables that are obtainable outside raid content.:
Yes. Currently stocked with roughly 1300 int pots 200 flasks and 200 feasts.

7. Are able to run at higher graphics setting in order to see and and avoid void zones, spell graphics and projected textures?:

8. Will be up to date and active on the forums in order to relay information which includes: class discussions, attendance and raid theorycraft?:
Yes, currently check my class discussions daily to see if there is any new info.
B. Subjective topics: These answers guide our evaluation of you, but there is no one objectively correct answer.

1. Armory Link:
2. Which talents do you use primarily and why?:Soul leech for constant absorbs
Shadowfury for add control(tried mortal coil for a few fights but doesnt seem to heal anymore if used on bosses)
Burning Rush mostly only used on tectus to get further ahead of the barrage if cata is up, and kohragh to get out of the frost orb.
GoSup mostly if there are multiple adds that can be shadowburn cleaved or cata'd i will go GoSac
Archemonds darkness 99% of the time. Havent found a fight where I would use the other 2
Demonic servitude for purely single target. Cata for adds aoe.
3. Willing to respec?: Yes. ive been playing around with all 3 specs so far.

4. How well can you play the other specs for your class?: Destro 8/10, aff roughly 7/10 demo 3/10

5. Professions: 700 enchanting/699 tailoring

6. Previous Guild(s) and/or Server(s): Bad Habits-BDF, Reckless-Skullcrusher

7. What are your reasons for leaving your last/current guild?: Currently still in Reckless. Our progression isn't going as well as it was planned. We didnt raid day 1 because servers didnt come up on time even though we had all the main raiders on for at least 3 hours after they did. The raiding environment is mellow which isnt a bad thing but its always the same people making the same mistakes ever attempt with no "punishment" and we alter our strats based on those people.

8. Raid experience (be concise): 7/7n Highmaul. 6/7h with 27 wipes on Imperator. 14/14h(m) SoO, 4/13ToT, 16/16n mop t1
10. Your /Played, total and level: 155days on this lock total and 11 days at 100.

11. Alts: Current main alt 79days today and 4 days at lvl 100

12. Do you have anyone in MoaG that knows you and can vouch for you? Hooch mostly known him since BC. i know numerous other but hooch is the one who keeps telling me to app

13. Connection speed test screenshot (we suggest using and please ping a NYC server):
14. A screenshot of your UI inside a raid environment. Please make sure keybinds are visible at this time. (required):
15. A link to any logs or parses that are available. Don't have any? Run an LFR and post your own on Warcraftlogs. (required):
Grp from lastnight talents/spec swaping for practice(demo/aff)
And one with desto/demo
C. About you: These questions are for you to let us know more about you, your expectations and what we can expect from you.

1. How did you hear about us, and what made you want to apply to Memoirs?
Been on BDF since i started playing in BC. I remember some alliance scum guild in wrath named Memoirs of a Gnome. And then Memoirs popped up randomly on Horde. I visited their website and 2+2=you guys.

2. By being a member of Memoirs, what do you feel you would contribute to the guild in terms of guild environment? ie: communication, progression, availability and raid assistance.
I dont mind being sat for progression if needed. Im pretty much available 24/5 with the other 2 days being 19/2 do to having to go in to work in the morning. I dont mind doing mechanics (like engineers back on Garrosh) and have been trying to get my guild to let me to the crowd on kargath as demo.

3. By being a member of an active guild with our progression, do you feel you will be able to keep up with current content and game mechanics?
Yes, I tend to grasp fights mechanically pretty fast and watch video guides for every boss. Would have liked to raid on beta but never got an invite. :( Currently, I feel like im just straight middle of the pack. Im never satisfied with my performance and take any opportunity i can to improve.

4. What are your general goals in WoW and how do they align with Memoirs?
I play wow to kill bosses nothing else. If im logged in and not trying to find a pug grp i either log in then watch stuff on youtube untill somebody asks me to do something or currently i camp poundfist with no success.

5. Tell us about yourself (you, not your character):
Hi, Im David. Im 24 work for a company that makes software used on retail computers. Mostly from home. Usually quiet and keep to myself unless my opinion is asked or you make an ass out of yourself. Not really much else to me.

D: Availability

Our raid times are the following
Tuesday 7:30-12:00AM EST
Wednesday 7:30-12:00AM EST
Thursday 7:30 - 12:00 AM EST
Optional Monday for early progession 7:30 - 12:00 AM EST

1. Is there any reason as to why our raid times would be frequently problematic?
Not anytime in the foreseeable future. My Mom will be here for the holidays but will still be able to play with minimal interruption due to her going to be around raid time.

2. Please post your Real ID or Battle Tag info so we can contact you easily. If you have a problem with it being public knowledge, at least PM it to our officers (Restosin, Helicon, Marvink, Tova).

You should aim to strive for 100% attendance during your application process if accepted as a trial. We do not reject applicants out of hand solely because they cannot make every raid every week, but we do require that you be able to explain every absence and we strongly advise that you notify us in advance on your application thread in the event that you will miss a scheduled raid.

IMPORTANT: Memoirs applicants are expected to be online and available for our raids. Depending on attendance, there may or may not be a raid spot available for you for the entire raid. It is unacceptable for you to be locked to another raid ID while your application with us is active. If you cannot raid with us, we cannot evaluate your performance.

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